Concrete pouring during commercial concreting floors of building
Hydraulic crusher excavator backhoe machinery working on site demolition
Excavator blue sky heavy machine construction site

A variety of services

What we can do.

Lehigh Valley Excavating caters to residential and commercial clients across the Lehigh Valley with a great variety of high-quality services. Our team members have years of experience and will be able handle jobs of all sizes, from excavations to demolitions. Feel free to get in touch with us if you are in need of any of our services. We guarantee that you will be happy with our work when it is all done!

What service do you need?

Services 1


We have extensive knowledge in how to complete earthwork masterfully and safely.
Services 2


As the base of many foundations, we understand the importance of correctly laying concrete.
Services 3


We safely and cleanly remove old structures and rubble that need to be cleared out.
Services 4

Foundation Drainage

We ensure your foundation is strengthened with the proper drainage system in place.
Services 5


Our professionals can level your land to prepare it for the start of construction.
Services 6

Dirt Removal

We haul away the piles of dirt that have accumulated at your construction site.
Services 7

Land Clearing

We remove any unwanted occurances so that you can start construction with ease.
Services 8

Retention Ponds

Protect your property from flooding with a predetermined basin for water to flow to.